When I’m not lying in bed clutching a vomit-filled ice cream container, you’ll usually find me outside running, tending to my veggie patch, hiking with my husband in the local National Park, or spending time with our 1-year old daughter, Bronte.

I dream of one day discovering some as yet unknown skill or invention that will make me millions. But at the moment I’ll have to be content with having a writer’s mind that wakes me at unsociable hours, and refuses to shut up until I have furiously scribbled the words  onto paper. I guess with being both left-handed, and labelled a ‘daydreamer’ by an early primary school teacher, that this is to be expected. 

The past three years of my life have flown, and meandered by. I travelled the world with my boyfriend (who became my fiance on top of an isolated mountain in the South American desert), moved to the Southern Highlands of NSW, stepped up my career in media, entered my first half marathon, married, purchased our first house, fell pregnant, became a mother, set up a proofreading and editing business (please don’t take the largely unedited ramblings of my blogs as my ‘normal’ polished product!), entered my second half marathon and first biathlon, and became pregnant again.

Despite becoming parents earlier than expected, (one year into married life) we adore our growing family. During my first pregnancy in 2010, I suffered severe hyperemesis gravidarum, and was off work for four months. I’d never been severely sick in my life. The first and only operation I’ve had was to give birth by caesarean as Bronte stubbornly remained breech for the entire nine months. Now, two months into pregnancy number two, I am off work again indefinitely and estimate that after both pregnancies we will have lost nearly a year’s income due to HG.

Thankfully, the human brain ‘forgets’ pain such as HG over time. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be going back for seconds! This time around, I am keeping a diary of the experience for several reasons. To share my story with other HGers (let’s face it, this story is far too depressing for healthy, non-pregnant, non-vomiting people to get into!), to use it to look back on so we absolutely don’t break our determined resolution to stop at two children, and to fill in the hours and hours of absolute boredom while lying here bedridden, nauseous and yet, insatiably hungry…

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  1. Karen Donnelly says:

    Thanks for creating this blog as it so hard to find people who understand what HG feels like. Mine started at 6 weeks and I am still on Zofran at 36 weeks. I didn’t have it with my first pregnancy but had severe morning sickness and i thought that was bad enough! People can’t understand why i am so hungry and can be seen eating all the time yet at the same time complaining that I am severely nauseas and looking pale. i am counting down the days until I don’t feel nauseas again and I can’t wait! If I had of known at the start that it would last the whole pregnancy i wouldn’t have had the strength to go on. I agree with you in that I am not having any more after this and I am going to donate my eggs and go on a range of contraceptives to make sure it never happens again!

    • Hi Karen,
      Thirty-six weeks. Well done! It’s almost over. Forever. Did you have any improvement in severity over the 30 weeks? I hope so. HG has got to be one of the most misunderstood, isolating illnesses. It’s an exhausting combination of emotions. Absolute despair over constant nausea, and yet, such an amazing prize at the end. Why some people have to suffer and others don’t is beyond me. This will be your second child? Let me know when your new little one arrives.
      Wishing you vomit and nausea free days very soon!

  2. Sarah says:

    This is exactly what I needed to read! After searching for something decent about HG!!! I finally came across your post! THANKYOU for sharing! I am on my second pregnancy currently 9 weeks and lying in bed half dead! Also my last pregnancy! Can’t even say I’m happy to be pregnant at this stage, I know you will understand this ;). Any who my first preg I also had HG and didn’t start to feel any better till the 20 week mark and am just praying it happens sooner or at least then as some women have it bad till birth! I have pretty much the same circumstance as you had in being my parents and husband are my tower of strength and misunderstood by almost everyone else! Fortunately I’m not prepared to lye around and suffer as bad as the first time and got onto zofran and maxilon and fluids early on which makes it almost bearable! Anyways thanks again for sharing your story and congrats on getting through it! Well done! 🙂

  3. Olivia says:

    Thanks kirrilee for writing this blog. It’s more comforting to read something like this than anything else. You are lucky you had such wonderful family support and well done for getting it all over so quickly! I also had and HG first pregnancy, also in 2010 and wasn’t managed Very well. I took zofran occasionally but mostly suffered and ended up only gaining 2kg the entire pregnancy. I am not as brave as you and have needed a huge gap before contemplating number 2. I do wish I could have done it earlier. I also has post natal depression so contemplating a likely second HG pregnancy and the whole first year again has been a huge step. 3 months ago I miscarried and only had very mild nausea for that 7 weeks (suffice to say I wasn’t surprised that I miscarried given my nausea was minimal and my hcg levels were so low!). I’m now 7 weeks pregnant again and have been sick for 2 weeks. Unlike my first pregnancy I’m already on loads of Zantac (I suffer gastro esophageal reflux even when not pregnant so it’s already excruciating), b6 and zofran. Have tried doxylamine, Maxalon etc and they are a total waste of time. Quite nervous about the amount of zofran Taking compared to last preg but the nausea is even worse (if it possibly could have been) so have decided to tackle things earlier. No doubt till probably still be pale and emaciated within another 3 weeks and I’m finding its incredibly debilitating! Last time I was very nauseous until 24 weeks where it eased only to be replaced by crippling reflux and I was starving but could barely eat as the reflux was so bad that id regurgitate anything more than a spoon of food every few hours. From severe food and smell aversion to being starving but not able to eat later on – it really took its tole. It really is the pits and thanks being open enough to pop it on a blog! People just can’t understand how 24hr a day crippling nausea feels and it’s dreadful to feel more like a cancer patient than an otherwise healthy pregnant woman… Like you I am NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN! I am just craving for the day, 7.5 months away, when I can feel normal again….!

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