My bouncing baby HG boy!

Wow. Time flies when you’re having fun! While I had every intention of providing regular updates to this blog, it’s been 11 months… Fellow sufferers will be aware though, that just managing to get through a HG pregnancy takes your ability to do small tasks (such as looking at a computer screen) away. And once I was able to return to work halfway through my pregnancy, all spare time flew out the window! I’ve been spurred on to provide a snapshot update for two reasons though. Firstly, I recently received WordPress’s annual report for my blog. I was aware I had just a handful of followers – people who had signed up to receive updates – but I was shocked to read from the report that I’d have over 3,000 people read my blog! Secondly, I’ve just received a post from a new, first – time HGer (thanks Genielle) and I want to share how I got through the pregnancy, and how fantastic the result is, for proof that you do get through it, it does end and it is worth it.

After many, many weeks of intense nausea and vomiting things slowly improved. Even though it’s only been less than a year, my memory of it all has faded. However, it was well past the four month mark before I could consider returning to work. Mum and dad stayed for several weeks to help us out. We were truly lucky in that Bronte (now 2) had entered a really lovely toddler phase (12-18 months) where she slept like a dream and hadn’t yet reached the terrible twos. They had to return home to Victoria for more appointments, so I decided to travel in convoy down with them to try and get some R&R away from all the stresses of being in your own home (cleaning, etc). It was an incredibly difficult decision to make because I’d cancelled an earlier trip down with them because I was just too incredibly sick to deal with 5 hours in the car, plus hours worth of stops to places that I probably couldn’t eat any food anyway! The second visit though, I couldn’t bear the thought of them leaving and no longer having their help. So I steeled myself for the trip. We somehow made it with only one stop, at lunch time. On the passenger seat, I travelled with an assortment of snacks that I could ‘sort of’ keep down, in order to try and keep the nausea at bay. At the lunch stop at Gundagai I was so pleased to have parents to chase around after my active toddler. However, I made the bad decision to order fish for lunch… The thought of it appealed, and it was just a plain piece of fish, but it was cooked on a grill where hamburgers were also cooked and I got one taste of the red meat and was off for the remainder of the trip. For the rest of my pregnancy I couldn’t go near fish!

I spent several weeks with mum and dad just sleeping, relaxing, having lots of baths (in a beautiful big tub!) and laying low. I missed my husband, but gosh I needed the time out. Strange, but while I was there I improved significantly. I think just being at home creates a stress if you’re like me and hate a dirty house! I was able to get out and about a little after a few days – we all couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t expected to be able to do anything, so brought limited clothes and shoes. Mum ended up buying me a new pair of sneakers after we walked into town by the river and I ended up with blisters from my dress shoes! I managed a few cafe outings, albeit with fairly bland food, but it was the beginnings of my improvement.

Back home a few weeks later, and I was able to return to work at about 4.5 months. I was still nauseous and would have the occasional vomit, but by no means as I was in the first trimester. I returned to work two days per week for the first two weeks, then upped it to three with one day working from home. This helped me manage my return to work well because it took away the two hours travelling time for one of the days. I never got to my normal four day per week routine though. It was just too much for my body to cope with. However, I loved being back at work and using my brain after 16 months of maternity leave!

Still couldn’t brush my teeth without gagging, if not vomiting. With Bronte at childcare during the Winter, she was picking up all sorts of viruses and colds, which we of course picked up and it meant a house full of snot – not helpful to my situation! Every time I picked up her cold, the snot (sorry for the gruesome details) would make me gag and throw up more than what I should have been doing at that stage.

As with my first pregnancy, during the last few months, when I was able to eat and hold things down, I ate, and ate, and ate. Once again, having something in my stomach at all times kept the nausea at bay. Thankfully, this time around it was masses of juice, as opposed to masses of chocolate bars. Masses as in, at least four litres every couple of days! It was insane. If I was hungry, it was juice. If I woke in the middle of the night (which was very frequently in the last trimester when I reached the really uncomfortable stage), I had to have juice. If there was no juice in the house, it had to be fetched (usually by hubby!) at any time of the day or night. Something told me I was likely to be having a boy…

Before I knew it, I was finishing up at work once again.

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6 Responses to My bouncing baby HG boy!

  1. KW says:

    I was so glad to see your update, I came across your blog mid last year and have been thinking about you ever since. I had HG in my first (and only) pregancy with my daughter who is now 3.5 yrs. I still haven’t found the strength to go through it again even though I desperately want another child. I just don’t know how I can go through the trauma of it all again – 3 times in hospital, having to have my daughter delivered 5 weeks early because I was too sick to keep going. The HG for me also lead to a whole host of other awful things like a back injury from all the vomiting and painful constipation that you wouldn’t believe from the Zofran. Thank you so much for sharing your story, I hope that it will help me finally take the plunge.

    • Kirrilee says:

      Aw KW, you poor thing. Thank you for the feedback on my blog. As I wrote in one of my first entries, if it helps just one person it’s worth it. I think I am still in shock over the fact that this horrible thing called HG exists! You just never hear about it, until it’s happening to you. What surprises me though, is that only 1-2% of pregnant women suffer from it and yet I feel as though I am continuously coming across plenty of women who have, or are, dealing with it. Of course, some people’s idea of being really sick doesn’t even come close to life with HG!

      You really had a traumatic time from what you’re telling me. Going back a second time was really scary. There was a brief couple of weeks after falling pregnant when I felt perfectly find and I thought I may get through the pregnancy without suffering again. Unfortunately it wasn’t the case. However, having gone through it the first time, I believe I was mentally stronger to deal with it. I knew that the end result would be a beautiful baby and that it wouldn’t last. Of course, it’s still a struggle to get through it and I did wonder many times what the hell I was doing putting myself through it again. Yet, I can honestly say the second time around there were far less tears and definately less unknowns. I was also more ready to ask for help. I think the first time around I just worked hard to battle through, whereas this time I basically asked my OB to admit me to hospital for fluids! Thankfully I had a very understanding, caring and fun OB. Do you have, or know of a good doctor where you are? Between pregnancies I worked really hard to get my body back into shape – lots of running, swimming and weights training so that I went into the second one with strong core strength (which I lost both times by the end of the pregnancies), good muscle mass and a healthy bod for the baby to draw nutrients from. I would have liked to have tried harder to do other preparation I hear other HG sufferers doing – taking certain vitamins, doing certain treatments, but I just didn’t get myself organised enought for that. I somehow doubt that these things would have helped me though!

      So, if you do decide to take the plunge a second time, my advice is to get your body as strong as possible (if it isn’t already!). I see swimming as the best exercise one can do – it’s cardio and strength combined into one and most importantly takes the strain of joints. Yep. The nasty effects of Zofran. Having success at the loo after only a minute rather than half an hour (if I was lucky!) is soooooo nice after 9 months! For some strange reason, I think I was too embarassed to tell my OB about the constipation the first time round and so I battled on with it (ouch!). Second time, I mentioned it straight away and she got me on to Coloxyl tablets. Still took me ages and days to plonk one out (sorry about the graphic detail, but us HGers can all relate!), but at least it would happen!

      Anyway, stay tuned to the blog. I still have the update to finish as well as a few pics to post to prove I have a wonderful result from it. Big hugs!

      • KW says:

        thanks for the tips on how to prepare. I have a bit of a mental list of things i would need to do like go into pre-pregancy training ie swimming, put on heaps of weight to counteract the 8kg loss I will probably lose again, organise a cleaner etc, and definitely interview most of the OBs in town to see who has the most compassion and aggressive treatment for HG. I think you are right about going in more mentally prepared and knowing exactly what to ask for this time is a big plus in dealing with HG. Did you try any other medication besides the Zofran and the Coloxyl (which by the way was never mentioned to me by my previous OB so I will be adding that to my mental list!)? Did you start the Zofran the minute you felt the nausea start this time? i’ll look forward to reading the rest of the update.

  2. Kirrilee says:

    Yep, the minute I began to feel nauseous I got back on Zofran. My OB was actually just returning from Christmas holidays and her new receptionist wasn’t going to book me in for over a month – the earliest appointment she had. I stood my ground with the receptionist and said, “I get really sick with my pregnancies – hyperemesis – so I need Zofran scripts straight away.” My OB happened to be walking past and when the receptionist mentioned my name I heard my OB immediately tell her that she’d have several scripts for me to pick up within the hour! The first pregnancy I searched and searched for help and finally found my current OB. I had faced the same wait time, but when I said how sick I was to the receptionist they booked me in straight away. This is the kind of understanding OB you need to find! She kept me in a constant supply of scripts. I’ve heard of some docs being reluctant to keep supplying Zofran (probably because they don’t fully understand the condition) which would have been truly awful. I still got very sick and felt constantly nauseous especially during the first and most of the second trimester, but going on to Zofran early meant it prevented such a quick downward spiral – I didn’t lose as much weight and could keep down more fluids which meant things didn’t get as much out of control as the first time. No, I didn’t try any other medication. I knew from the first pregnancy that Maxalon wouldn’t work. All it did the first time was make me drowsy (which isn’t a bad thing to sleep through it as much as possible, but not practical when you have a toddler the next time!), and didn’t stop the vomiting. I tried acupuncture – a total failure! I don’t think the acupuncturist was very sympathetic though. He talked about treating ‘nausea in pregnancy’ and was quite blase when I stressed it was much worse than simple nausea. I’d heard and read a few instances where people believe Coloxyl is unsafe during pregnancy, but my OB was completely confident it was fine to take. Definately get as much help as possible with your toddler – family and friends to babysit as much as possible if you can.

  3. EJ says:

    I’m reading and nodding. My daughter is 4.5 now and I still vividly remember my first HG hell. I also bit the bullet soon after and went for number 2. I had HG even worse the second time round, not even zofran touched it. I spent a significant chunk of the first 2 trimesters in hospital and didn’t stop vomiting until a month after my son was born. He’s nearly 2 now. I remember being so happy when he was born, not just because I had a new baby, but because I never ever had to endure another pregnancy.

    Famous last words… the last week I’ve woken up every morning feeling dreadful, with waves of nausea washing over me all day. Can’t stand the smell of food, can barely get up with gagging. This wasn’t meant to happen. I’ve done a pg test and it was negative. But I know. There’s only one explanation for this distinctive sick feeling. ANd if I’m feeling this bad at too early for a postivie result on a test, then God help me by week 10 *weeps*. I will be banging down the doctor’s door in the next couple of weeks for zofran, buccastem, cyclazie, metaclopromide – the full monty. Yuk.

  4. Genielle says:

    The web can be a small place too sometimes. My mother was researching Zofran and came across my name in your blog post. It was nice to get the update. I am 13 weeks now & still trying to make it. I had my first hospital visit yesterday after a bad few days of vomitting. I got IV fluids & potassium (my potassium was low and the doctor said my urine had indications that I was entering “starvation mode”). Joy! The fluids and a double dose of IV Zofran worked really well. It was so nice not to feel nauseous for a little while. My 3 month ultrasound also helped, seeing the little troublemaker jumping around at the pokes and prods of the ultrasound paddles and arms and legs waving around. Tiny improvements give me a little hope like being able to brush my teeth and only gagging instead of throwing up most times, but I’ve got a long way to go to feeling well. I am glad to hear about the light at the end of the tunnel from the ladies who are done. I can’t wait until I’m there too. 6 more months!

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